Our unique enabling technology permits the analysis of small molecule interactions with protein mixtures in a targeted and directed manner. This chemical proteomics technology - Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) - is based on trifunctional Capture Compounds® which enable isolation and identification of proteins based on their specific interactions with small molecules. This protein interactor fingerprint defines the mechanism of action of such small molecules and can also discover proteins responsible for adverse effects or which identify novel uses or indications.

Novel Targets

The most powerful and broadly applicable technology for target deconvolution, CCMS has successfully identified the protein targets of small molecules in species from bacteria to man, and in intact cells or subcellular fractions.

Novel Indications

Caprotec’s CCMS has identified multiple off-targets which indicate novel uses for multiple compounds, both in our own studies and in interactions with our partners. This forms the basis for our in house efforts in re-purposing and re-profiling.

Novel Chemistries

Capture Compounds® are not only useful for isolation and identification of targets, but also provide precise information on the location of binding sites on target proteins, and can be used for pharmacological and other studies for target validation and the selection and optimisation of chemistries in drug discovery.