caprotec's scientific advisory consists of distinguished, interdisciplinary, and independent scientists from prominent research institutions worldwide.


Members of caprotec's scientific advisory board:

Hubert Köster, Ph.D.

(Founder, Managing Director/CEO and Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board of caprotec™ bioanalytics GmbH)


Ira Goldfine, M.D.

(President, American Diabetes Association, Western Chapter; Professor of Medicine and Physiology, University of California at San Francisco); Expert in diabetes, endocrinology, and cancer. Cloned the insulin receptor and determined its role in breast cancer.


Joseph A. Loo, Ph.D.

(Professor of Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA); Expert on uses of MS in biomedical research; previously Group Leader for biological MS and co-leader of Proteomics Division at Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer) from 1992-2001.


Sir John Walker, D. Phil.

(Dir., MRC's Dunn Human Nutrition Unit Cambridge, UK). Expert in membrane proteins and chemistry-based approaches to study proteins; 1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for elucidation of the enzymatic mechanism for ATP synthesis.


Ernst Mutschler, Ph.D.,MD

(Professor and Director Emeritus, Institute of Pharmacology at University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany); worldwide recognized expert in pharmacology, toxicology and drug development; author of numerous publications and patents and author of internationally recognized textbooks in pharmacology and drug actions.